Enterprise "Energomir" carries out several activities:
Thanks to the combination of many years of experience, powerful technical and engineering potential, and the well-coordinated work of the workforce, the Energomir enterprise provides a wide range of telecommunications services in the energy sector. The company's team is aimed at solving problems of RF processing, communications and protection in the electric power industry.
A number of RF processing devices and connections to overhead lines are produced at our own production facilities:
– linear barrier devices of the ULZ series, high-frequency barriers of the VZ series;
– universal tuning devices of the UNU series, tuning elements of the ENU series;
– linear matching devices of the ULS and ULS-P series, connection filters of the FP series;
– frequency separation devices of the UCHR series, separation filters of the RF series;
– voltage tapping devices of the UON series, voltage tapping cabinets of the SHON series.
HF protection equipment for overhead lines:
– microprocessor HF protection station PVZ-VL;
– units for analog PVZ (“IVA”), service.
In addition, the Energomir enterprise is the official dealer of the Slovenian company Iskra d.d., selling HF communications equipment, relay protection and emergency automation, telecommunications equipment PDH, SDH and broadband access, designed to work both via fiber optic and radio relay communication lines.
For the convenience of the customer and expanding the range of supplied equipment, cooperation has been established for 20 years with the manufacturer of coupling capacitors, electrothermal capacitors, high and low voltage capacitor units in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Energomir enterprise supplies equipment and performs work in Ukraine and other countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, as well as in foreign countries.