Enterprise "Energomir" carries out several activities:
- production line traps type VZ, coupling device type FP, tuning device type ENU, teleprotection equipment PVZ, equipment high-frequency protection PVZ-VL;

- implementation of hight-frequency (HF) communications equipment, protection equipment and automatic protective devices,telecommunications PDH and SDH equipment, designed for use as fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) and radio-relay link (RRL) production «Iskra» (Slovenia);

- implementation of the integrated supplies.  Processing equipment and connection to the power line; the other communications equipment,  radio-relay protection (RZ) and  anti emergency automatics equipment (PA), and cable products too (radio frequency coaxial cable - RC, fiber-optic cable - FOC and etc.). Supplies: СМ (P)(V) coupling capacitors, capacitor banks, cabinet of voltage selection SHON;

- commissioning and installation works, warranty and maintenance services, measurement and diagnosis of high-frequency path.

          During the years of activity since 2003., collective enterprise "Energomir" gained credibility with customers as a reliable and competent partner. Our specialists provide technical support delivered products, advise designers, suppliers and specialists, operating equipment. "Energomir" supplies equipment and performs work in Ukraine, as well as in many countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other countries.