SDR HSP Radio-relay multiplexer

 Radio-relay multiplexer


          In the last few years network operators are facing rapid growth and fast migration from TDM to packed traffic. The main challenge is how to optimize investments and reduce maintenance costs. The transition from legacy circuit network (TDM) to high-speed packet network is rapid and new equipment must support both technologies. New telecom operators need low entry and operational costs, but also scalable equipment in order to follow future market developments.
          SparkWave is optimized for different propagation conditions in different weather conditions. In many cases, spectrum economy plays a major role in considerably reducing operating costs.
          The equipment SparkWave series has different outdoor and indoor radio relay units. SparkWave SDR indoor unit is modular. Different housings and high integration level allow easy interconnection, stacking with ESSI interface and direct connection to existent F/O networks. Outdoor units (ODU) is connected to the IDU via single coaxial cable up to 400 m. The outdoor units are connected to antennas using  waveguide up to 1.8 m.  

          The SparkWave SDR HSP is intended for microwave transmission of PDH and Ethernet signals, operating in 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23 and 26 GHz frequency range.
          Split Mount solution with High Speed PDH (HSP) IDU and compact ODU. Any combination of E1, E3 and Ethernet signals is possible. The upper transmission capacity limit is 152 Mb/s or 72xE1 equivalent. Various transmission modes from 4QAM to 128QAM with different error correction schemes enable signal transmission in various channel bandwidth from 3,5 MHz to 28 MHz according to customer demands.
          A management system with an SNMP agent and OSPF router is built into the unit. No additional equipment is needed except a standard personal computer with built-in web browser.

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