Coupling capacitors СМ (P)(V)

 Coupling capacitors

          In the process of development of high-voltage electricity transmission lines network, increase of their extension and equipping with the automatic devices it arises the need in reliable dispatching, administrative and economic communication between separate points, transmission of telemetry signals, emergency cutting off of switches, relay protection and other data. Usually that kind of communication is transmitted directly along high-voltage electricity transmission lines at a frequency of 40-1000 kHz. One of the elements of equipment of such communication is coupling capacitors that separate coupling devices from high voltage of frequency 50 Hz passing signals of high frequency along communication channels. On the basis of the same capacitors the devices are made for taking off the power at a frequency of 50 Hz directly from electricity transmission lines for supply of measuring instruments and power equipment as well as measuring devices (dividers, voltage transformers) for voltage measuring of electricity transmission lines.

          Coupling capacitors are impregnated with ecologically safe fluid which is not in a prohibited list of Stockholm Convention about persistent organic pollutants (2001 year).


* for securing of high-frequency communication at frequencies from 24 up to 1500 kHz in electricity transmission lines with AC rated voltage 35, 110, 150, 220, 330, 500, 750 kV frequency 50 and 60 Hz.Capacitors are produced in porcelain insulators and impregnated with ecologically safe fluid; **for high-frequency trap installation; ***for connection of communication devices to electricity transmission lines from 6 up to 35 kV and lightning protection cables.

         Capacitors of type СМ and СМА

      In capacitors designation first number after type – rated voltage in kV; second – capacitance in nanofarad;

Designation: CMA – capacitor in porcelain reinforced insulator; B – category of electrical equipment as per external insulation; V – with terminal; P – combined with insulating support (support to the capacitors); M – capacitors are made in metal cases; BP – paper-membran insulation; K – composite case with a silicone ribbing.


 Insulating supports

          1)Depending on the performance of the tires, there may be differences in the overall and mounting dimensions of the capacitors (in brackets). The required dimensions are specified when ordering.

          2)In agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture capacitors with the length of the external insulation leakage path, according  to the III or IV degree of pollution in accordance with ГОСТ 9920-89.

           Insulating supports PI series are used for the assembly of coupling capacitors.