Cabinet of voltage selection SHON

 Cabinet of voltage selection
          Cabinet of voltage selection (hereinafter SHON (into Russian - ШОН ) ) intended for the selection of the voltage coupling capacitors on existing and planned transmission lines with a nominal voltage of 35 to 750 KV, AC frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and also for transmission of measurement information signals by an automatic reclosing device (ARD) and synchronization devices.
          Main technical data and specifications conform to the ТУ 3433-005-46569277-2002 and set of design documentation. Cabinets are designed to work in weather and climatic conditions relevant ГОСТ15543.1-89 and ГОСТ 15150-69 category II (U1 and UHL1).
           Structural variations
           SHON design is a compact cabinet with door and fastening elements and protection. Paint coating provides corrosion protection.  The equipment installed in ШОН, placed on a frame attached to the rear of the cabinet. The design of the door provides automatic grounding of the primary transformer winding voltage selection when opening the door, which allows connection to the tone without tripping cabinet selection voltage coupling capacitor.
        SHON designed to work with the coupling capacitor type CMP-110/?3.
           Level of protection: IР 54.
          Operating conditions in terms of the impact of mechanical factors – М1  according with ГОСТ 17516-92.
          Installation method: mounted version.
          Dimensions: 600x400x250 (exposed), 700x500350 (packaged)
          Weight: not more 25 kg .

Overall dimensions 

          SHON connection to the capacitor connection does not lead to deterioration of high frequency communication equipment. Schematic diagram SHON contains two transformers TOН intended to supply a matching devices, the other for power control relay synchronism and voltageRated primary current TOН - 0.128 A in the secondary - 0.15 A and 0.075 A. SHON design ensures safe operation in accordance with ГОСТ  Operation SHON without grounding is prohibited.  Grounding bolt is on the right wall of the housing.  At the lockers selection voltage is set by the warranty period - 6 months from the date the unit into operation, but no more than 1.5 years from the date of shipment.

                          Technical data
          *  specified nominal voltage power lines. ** figures in the designation of the capacitor means: first - the number of capacitor,  piece; in parentheses - rated voltage capacitors, kV; and a nominal capacitance, nF (µF).