SRU – State Relay Unit




         SRU (State Relay Unit) this is unit for connecting the telesignaling, it is used to transmit the state of the contact position through TG9 unit and provides galvanic separation of the user connection and the corresponding input/output for connection to the TG9 block.




         On bord of the SRU block are the following input / output:
- two input
- four output relays

          All outputs and inputs between each other are isolated, optically separated from the elements of logic processing and grounding.
         Inputs (connector K3) can be used as a user, through an external battery they are connected to a switch, the state of which must be transmitted. In this case, an input is used, type STThe input can also be used to connect to the TG9 and connect it to the RxD and GND signals of the TG9. In this case, the input, type TG, is used. The type of input is selected by jumpers on the SRU block.
          The relay outputs on connector K4 (OUT_TG) are for connection to the TG9 block. The SRU OUT_TG output is connected to the TxD signal and the GND RS232 of the TG9. The outputs are contacts of a high-speed REED relay, which are "by default" normally closed, at the output of which the internal voltage is 12 VDC.
          Relay outputs available at connector K5 (OUT_ST), are intended for the user, and signal the received state of the switch. Output - the relay contacts are normally open.

          The connection is made via the custom connectors K3, K4 and K5 (MSTBA 2.5/4). It is recommended to use an intermediate external terminal strip. The unit is connected to the terminal block of the SRU using a connecting cable (OLFLEX CLASSIC 115 CY, 18G0,5). Type of terminal block - disconnector is designed for mounting on a standard DIN-rail DIN35.

                         Technical data