Line traps VZ

 Line traps
           LINE TRAPS series VZ (VZ-100, VZ-200, VZ-400, VZ-630, VZ-1250, VZ-2000) TU U27.1-32431587-001

          High-frequency power line communication (HF communications for Power Line) is a common method of communication in power systems for voice and digital information. High-frequency communication has proven itself as a reliable, versatile and economical mode of communication.

           Line trap type VZ is one of the key components of high-frequency communication (PLC), which is used for the needs of power stations and substations: for voice communication (telephone and dispatch communications), data transmission (SCADA, Remote Control, automated system of a commercial power - ASCP), the organization of work systems protection equipment and automatic protective devices (transmission of discrete commands acceleration and blocking protection current signal DFZL).

           Line traps type VZ designed for use in high-frequency processing circuit power lines to mitigate the impact of shunt tires substation linear HF signal path, as well as to ensure effective barriers signal high frequency stopband.

           Line traps it is a device, which consists of:  - main coil, which is an inductor designed to carry the current frequency of 50 Hz, flowing through the phase conductors; - tuning device (ENU), defines the nominal bandwidth barrier;  - non-linear surge protector (OPN) or single-phase valve arrester (RVO), which are connected in parallel with protection equipment and ENU, used for surge protection of the line trap.

           Line traps series VZ is a traps dry type, air-cooled with a variety of mounting options and ability to withstand high short-circuit currents.

           Line traps series VZ manufactured by U1, type of atmosphere II according to GOST 15150 for use in the climatic conditions of temperate climate category 1 at the operating temperature of the environment -45°С to +40°С (228K to 313K) and annual average relative humidity 75% at temperature 15°С.

          The dielectric for the manufacture of structural framing line trap used fiberglass plastic.


          *-special execution.

        Line traps can be made with blocking resistance from 400 ohm to 1000 ohm optional.

         Other frequency bands of blocking can be chosen optional during ordering of equipment.

          When ordering you must specify the HF frequency enclosures range of operating frequencies, the inductance and operating current.

          The main consumers of line traps type VZ are the enterprises of the energy sector that operate substation voltage from 35 to 750 kV three-phase AC voltage. The design of line traps allows to make it in the shortest possible time to meet high quality standards. Line traps designed for outdoor use, and have a reliable, free maintenance design of the open type.

          The quality of our line traps of comparable quality products from leading European manufacturers - a group of companies ABB (DLTC), the company SELTA (SBSN), the company TRENCH (LTP), the company ARTECHE (LINE TRAP), the company ZPRE "Jedlicze" (DZ) and others (VChZ, ZVS).

          Deliveries are carried out in the shortest time.           Coupling capacitors SM, coupling devices FP, tunning devices ENU, cabinets of voltage selection ShON, as well as PLC equipment manufacturing by «Iskra» ЕТ9, anty emergency automation equipment DPA, teleprotection equipment DZ9, PVZ, PVZ-VL can be included in the supply.