ADM-16 SDH multi-service STM-1/4/16 crossconnect & multiplexer

 SDH multi-service STM-1/4/16 crossconnect & multiplexer


          SparkLight is a compact, powerful, highdensity and user-friendly, next generation SDH multiservice node for provisioning of PCM (voice, data), PDH (E1, E3), SDH (STM- 1, STM-4, STM-16) and Ethernet (FE, GbE) over SDH/xWDM.

          SparkLight ADM-16 a compact, high-density STM- 16/4 next-generation access multiplexer, that helps to support high-speed communications services. Providing a wide variety of interfaces, on one common platform, allows the service provider to build effective, flexible, user-friendly communications network.
          Extremely powerful EoS tools enable a smooth migration from TDM to packet services. Using VCAT to provide flexible bandwidth assignment from 2Mbps to 1000Mbps, and LCAS for reliable bandwidth efficient transport of many different packet services.


          The management system with Java Web Start user interface, SNMP agent and OSPF router is built in. Consequently noadditional software except a PC with a web browser is needed to set up the telemanagement system.


- provides revenue-generating next generation Ethernet services while preserving investments in legacy SDH networks;
- optimized bandwidth utilization for Ethernet services using GFP, VCAT, LCAS functionality;
- effective management integration using Java Web Start GUI and SNMP protocol transported by an embedded IP/OSPF telemanagement network;
- compact solutions improves place and energy efficiency that can help lower operating expenses;
- easy migration from TDM to IP;


- 2 and 5 slot »high Availability« shelf with power supply redundancy;
- non blocking 17.5G@VC-4 and 3.7G@VC-12 cross-connect;
- SDH Line Features:
          - up to 4 STM16/4 SFP based optical interfaces;
          - up to 4 STM4/1 SFP based optical (in case of STM1 also electrical) interfaces;
          - WDM ready;
          - supported many different SDH protection mechanisms;
-  packet Features:
          - up to 8 10/100 Eth interfaces;
          - up to 2 Gbit Eth interfaces; 
          - GFP-F Mapping (Optional GFP-T for Gbit Ethernet);
- VCAT and LCAS protocol support;
- enhanced L2 Aggregation support;
- up to 252 E1 interfaces in 5 slot chassis (max 63 E1 interfaces on special multiport E1 blade);
- Java Web Start and SNMP based integrated management.



- backbone networks;
- backhaul network for wireless and wire-line operators;
- access networks for Enterprises;
- multi-service network for energy, traffic, utilities operators.


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