ULS-PZ Linear matching device – tunable with grounding knife

Device description

A linear matching device - tunable with a grounding knife "ULS-PZ" together with coupling capacitors or capacitive voltage transformers is a circuit of a transformer band-pass filter (PF) or a high-pass filter (HPF), which ensures matching of the wave impedance, high-frequency subscriber equipment and the RF channel communication, formed by high-voltage wires, cables, ground wires in the nominal frequency band.

"ULS-PZ" is designed to work on power lines with voltage from 24 to 750 kV and lightning protection cables.

The main feature of "ULS-PZ" is the possibility of its restructuring at the facility when changing the capacity of the connection or the operating frequency range.

"ULS-PZ" is capable of solving problems that are currently being solved by connection filters "LMU5000" (Areva T&D, France), BLM (TesmecS.p.A, Italy), UAPA-1 (ZIV, Spain), MCD80 (ABB Ltd., Germany), SCA/SGA (SeltaS.p.A., Italy) and others for a similar purpose. It is manufactured on a modern technical basis, taking into account development trends and the needs of the energy industry. Transformers are made on modern high-quality ferrite cores.

ULS-PZ is equipped with a single-pole disconnector that acts as a grounding knife. The grounding knife on the ULS-PZ can withstand a current of 300 A.

ULS-PZ are designed for RF signal power of at least 200 W.




Connection diagram

"phase - earth", "phase - phase", "two phase - earth"

Frequency range

24 – 1000 kHz with adjustable subbands

Connection capacity

2 – 14 nF (2000 – 14000 pF)

Nominal resistance from the overhead line

180 – 450 Ohm

Nominal impedance on the RF cable side


Total passband attenuation

<2 dB

Passband Reflection Attenuation

> 12 dB

Rated power (PEP)


Effective value of the rated current of the disconnector

300 A

Distortion and Intermodulation

80 dB below PEP level (IEC 481, cls. 9.6)


3rd order high pass filter; 2nd order bandpass filter

Environmental characteristics

- 40°С … +70°С with air humidity not more than 95% (IEC 870-2-2, class C3)


430x400x190 mm

Weight, no more

10 kg