HSP Optical line terminal with PDH multiplexer

 Optical line terminal with PDH multiplexer


          SparkLight is a compact, powerful, highdensity and user-friendly, next generation SDH multiservice node for provisioning of PCM (voice, data), PDH (E1, E3), SDH (STM- 1, STM-4, STM-16) and Ethernet (FE, GbE) over SDH/xWDM. 
          SparkLight HSP is a compact, powerful, user-friendly and easy to install device for providing PDH (E1, E3) and Ethernet over optical fibers, that enables service providers to offer subscribers reliable, high-performance, high-speed communications services such as LAN interconnection, Internet access, voice & data services, etc. Any combination of up to 40xE1, up to 4xE3 and up to 2xEthernet (10/100BaseT/ X) is possible in common capacity 72xE1 equivalent.

- extended PDH multiplexing principle – HSP (Hide Speed PDH);
- internal and external testing loops;
- EOW service channels and external static alarm input output option;
- 1U or 2U high 19'' subrack;
- all cables on the front side;
- SFP pluggable optical modules with Digital Diagnostics monitoring;
- hot swap tributary cards;
- management over SNMP with JavaWebStart GUI, CLI, Telnet, VT-100 or LEDs+LCD display;
- compatible with SpakView NE management system or any other SNMP based.


- easy to install and configure;
- compact solution;
- PDH multiplexing principle enables 72xE1 in 154 Mb/s stream;
- E1 channels are suitable for synchronization transmission;
- SFP up to 140 km without regenerator;
- enables smooth migration from TDM to packet services;
- possibility of adapting capacity of Ethernet traffic to actual needs;
- management system with a SNMP agent and OSPF router is built into the unit;
- embedded EMS (Element Management System) No proprietary SWinstallation is required.


- point-to-point Ethernet plus TDM connections over fiber optics; 
- last mile access for voice and internet service providers; 
LAN and PBXs extension and distribution; 
telecommunications for protecting and control systems;
- optical interconnections and/or protection for radio relay systems.

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