ET9 Power line carrier equipment

 Power line carrier equipment



          PLC communication links organized over high-voltage transmission lines remains traditional solution in power utilities. PLC links are point to point communications used for signals transmission between substations as well as a part of private communication system of power utilities.

          New technologies and solutions in other communication systems are now days used also in PLC systems. Digital signal processing enables transmission of speech, data, SCADA and teleprotection signals inside the same PLC channel.



- transmission of up to 6 PLC channels; 
- extended carrier frequency range from 20 kHz up to 1000 kHz – programmable without exchanging hardware;
- high frequency output power (PEP) up to 120 W;
- automatic RF channel equalization;
- service speech channel;
- embedded operation channel for access to management system of remote equipment;
- real time transmission of operational data of remote equipment using pilot channel;
- signaling front panel for basic diagnostic;
- up to 6 universal telephone interfaces (FXO, FXS, 4w E&M);
- up to 8 integrated FSK modems;
- up to 8 integrated QAM modems;
- organization of data transmitting with a speed of up to 33600 b/s;
- organization of data transmitting via Ethernet port 10/100BaseT, Auto-MDI/MDIX;
- up to 20 universal audio band interfaces;
- available transit filters on all audio band interfaces;
- dedicated input / output for connecting external teleprotection equipment with speech cut-off and BOOST function;
- integrate or external operation of audio access terminals;
- integrated teleprotection equipment type DZ9;
- pegasus - PC based graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration and management;
- LAN or RS232 port for connecting management PC;
- synchronization with external GPS signal;
- time synchronization in accordance with (S) NTP;
- inclusion in NMS using SNMP;
- universal power supply – one power supply unit covers complete range of DC an AC voltages;
- optional redundant power supply unit;
- comply with IEC60495.




transmission of voice channels (FXO, FXS, 4w E&M);
- transmission of data using FSK (50 – 1200 Bd) or QAM (2400 – 14400 bps) modulation;
- transmission of teleprotection signaling – integrated DZ9 teleprotection equipment or external equipment of other vendors;
- optional external operation of NF9, TG9 access modules - attenuation of connected TK cable up to 26 dB;
- telecommunication resource for different telecommunication equipment in AF band.


Building blocks


         Carrier rack options for ET9


         Building blocks for ET9 – power part
          Building blocks for ET9 – processing part


*ET9 requires at least one AF access unit of type NF9, TG9 or AFA.

         Technical data