Tuning device ENU

 Tuning device
          Tuning device ENU-0,5-40; ENU-1,0-40 (analogue EN-0,5-40, EN-1,0-40).
          TU U31.2 - 32431587 - 001:2010
          Tuning deviceseries of ENU designed to work together with the inductance of 0,5 mH reactors at currents of 100, 200, 400, 630, 1250, 2000 A and 1,0 mH for currents 630, 1250, 2000 A in the scheme of high-frequency line traps (VZ) for provide the necessary bandwidth boom, is used to organize the high-frequency channels of communication on power lines.
          Tuning device series of ENU made in moulded case of fiberglass, what is provided by high mechanical strength and low weight, resistance to climatic factors in accordance with GOST 15150- UHL1, high dielectric strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation. The case has light blue color to effectively reflect the solar radiation and, consequently, to a decrease of excessive heating.
          The casing consists of two parts - base and cover, connecting with six screws. Between them lay a rubber gasket to ensure a dust and splash-proof product. Degree of protection IP54. Isolation of all chains relative to the casing withstands a DC voltage of 10 kV.
          Devices are attached to the lower crosspiece-layers by means of brackets.
          Tuning deviceseries of ENU made in climatic design "U" category 1 according to GOST 15543-70 on the basis of domestic and imported components. Designed for outdoor use at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level at a temperature of from -60°C to +50°C (213 - 323 K) and a relative humidity of 98 - 100% at + 25°C (298 K).


          Tuning device series of ENU can be made with other bands of blocking within the claimed range 20-1000 kHz with an inductance of 1,2 mH according to customer requirements.

          Dimensions - 320x430x350 mm. Weight - 9 kg (not more).

          Deliveries are carried out in the shortest time. Coupling capacitors SM, coupling devices FP, line traps VZ, cabinets of voltage selection ShON, as well as PLC equipment manufacturing by «Iskra» ЕТ9, anty emergency automation equipment DPA, teleprotection equipment DZ9, PVZ, PVZ-VL can be included in the supply.