ADM-1/4 SDH multi-service add/drop multiplexer

 SDH multi-service add/drop multiplexer


          SparkLight is a compact, powerful, highdensity and user-friendly, next generation SDH multiservice node for provisioning of PCM (voice, data), PDH (E1, E3), SDH (STM- 1, STM-4, STM-16) and Ethernet (FE, GbE) over SDH/xWDM.
          Used as an add/drop multiplexer on the SDH ring (or as a terminal multiplexer at the remote site), the SparkLight ADM-1/4 improves Ethernet bandwidth efficiency via GFP, VCAT and LCAS protocols, and also supports TDM mapping for termination at any point in the SDH network.  
          Various tributary interfaces on central module, many optional tributary modules, and a high capacity cross-connect matrix with stacking connectivity gives an opportunity to set up flexible and effective multi-service communication node. Integrated Ethernet L2 switch enables point-to-point and pointto- multipoint LAN traffic with many possibilities for traffic protection (on SDH or L2 switch level).
          Only radio module, outdoor unit and antenna are needed to establish SDH STM-1 microwave link.


          The management system with Java Web Start user interface, SNMP agent and OSPF router is built into the device. No additional equipment except a standard PC with built-in web browser is needed to set up the telemanagement system.

          SparkLight ADM-1/4 is ideally suited for next generation IP services coexisting with legacy voice and TDM services in public telecommunications networks as well as networks of large corporations like: railways, highways, oil/gas distribution companies, government and private organizations.


- provides revenue-generating next generation Ethernet services while preserving investments in legacy SDH networks;
- optimized bandwidth utilization for Ethernet services using GFP, VCAT, LCAS functionality;
- effective management integration using Java Web Start GUI and SNMP protocol transported by an embedded IP/OSPF telemanagement network;
- integrated optical/electrical and microwave radio SDH lines in the same device;
- SFP modules for up to 120 km;
- by stacking more ADM devices with ESSI interfaces a STM-1/4 non-blocking crossconnect node could be set up with no additional hardware;
- easy migration from TDM to IP;
- combination of TDM and IP traffic;



- compact 1U/2U high; 19''/ETSI compatible device;
- 32xSTM-1 equivalent CC capacity;
- up to 2xSTM-1/4 electrical/optical line interfaces on the central module;
- up to 2xSTM-1 microwave radio line interfaces;
- up to 40xE1 interfaces; 8xE1 on the central module;
- up to 3xE3 interfaces;
- 6xFE interfaces on the central module;
- 8xGFP mappers for P2P FE connections;
- 1xGE interface on the central module;
- up to 2xESSI interfaces for equipment CC stacking;
- GFP, VCAT, LCAS and embedded L2 switch for EoS;
- supports many different radio and SDH protection mechanisms;
- Java Web Start and SNMP based integrated management;
- xWDM ready.



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