HF transceiver of protection with teleswitch commands PVZ-TO


        The PVZ-TO equipment allows, in addition to performing of all the functions of the PVZ-TO equipment to transmit  and /or  receive up to 5 remote teleswitch commands (TO).

        In this equipment uses algorithms to increases resistant to noise  of standard PVZ-TO receiver by means to double transmission of a code massages with fixed intervals between them.


          As an application environment of PVZ-TO equipment we can recommend:

  • - duplicate channels of non-trunk channels  anti emergency automatics, non-critical at the time of transmission and the action of protection system together, for example to transmission of commands  of
    special load shedding automatics (SLSA) or  underfrequency load shedding (UFLS) small volumes to the objects;
  • - to implementation function of the remote telecontrol, telesignalization functions for the objects equipped with high frequency protection, but not having operational personnel and non-telemechanized;
  • - backup remote  teleswitch of transformers at substations without switches on the high voltage side, but having a separator and a short circuit breaker or transfer of a tripping pulse over the physical pair of cable;
  • - transmission of information on the position of switches, discrete information signals of another purpose.

Protection signals have priority  over teleswitch commands (TO).

           In order to save the Customer’s funds, our company can offer upgrades of a standard PVZ that you have to a standard PVZ-TO with the replacement of the necessary components and software.