Line matching unit tunable ULS-P

        Line matching unit tunable “ULS-P”

        (universal tunning device)


        Line matching unit tunable (“ULS-P”) together with coupling capacitors or capacitive voltage transformers is a transformer bandpass filter circuit or high pass filter. Device provides coordination of the wave impedance of high-frequency subscriber equipment and high-frequency communication channel formed by high-voltage wires, cables, ground wires in the nominal frequency band.

        The device “ULS-P” was created for work on power lines with voltage from 35 to 750 kV and ground wires cables.

        The main feature of “ULS-P” is the possibility of its reconstruction at the facility when changing the capacity of the connection and / or working frequency range.

        «ULS-P» able to solve problems, which today to solve the line matching unit «LMU5000» (Areva T&D, France), BLM (Tesmec S.p.A, Italy), UAPA-1 (ZIV, Spain), MCD80 (ABB Ltd., Germany), SCA/SGA (Selta S.p.A., Italy) and others of similar purpose.

It is manufactured on a modern technical basis, with tendency development and the needs of the energy industry.

The transformers that are part of the device are manufactured on modern high-quality ferrite cores.

The tunable linear matching unit can be equipped with a single-pole disconnector, which performs the functions of a grounding knife.

The tunable line matching unit are designed for high-frequency power of ?200 W


Characteristics Value
Connection type «phase-to-ground», «phase-to-phase»,  «two phase-to-ground»
Frequency range 24 – 1000 kHz with tunable subranges (depends to the capacity connection)
Connection capacity 2 – 14 nF (2000 – 14000 pF)
Nominal impedance (power line side) 180 – 450 Ohm
Nominal impedance (PLC equipment side) 75, 150 Ohm
Composed attenuation within subbands ? 2 dB
Return loss within subbands ? 12 dB
Power rating (РЕР) 200 W
Rated current of the disconnector 300 A
Distortion and intermodulation Better than 80 dB at appropriate РЕР (IEC 481, cls. 9.6)
Resonant circuit third-order high-pass filter; second-order band-pass filter
Temperature and humidity - 40°С … +70°С and relative humidity not greater that 95% (IEC 870-2-2, class C3)
Dimensions 430х400х190 mm
Weight 10 kg

        Delivery are carried out in the shortest times.

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