ADM-16 technical data


 Central blade

 Tributary Blades 

 NE Types

 HW Redundancy
 2U, 4U

 STM-16 blade

 32xE1 blade, 31xE1 RTM blade, 3xE3 blade
 STM-16 terminal, ADM-16, CC-4xSTM-16/4+4xSTM-4/1 

 central blade, tributary blades, management module, power module




 Suitable SFP modules
 4 interfaces on STM-16 blade

 4 interfaces on STM-16 blade 

 SFF-8472, SFF-8074i,
 MSA Digital Diagnostics Monitor compliant,
 SFP Transceiver MSA Spec.

 optical STM-1/4/16 up to 120 km, ITU-T G.957, Electrical STM-1
 Number of interfaces

 ITU-T Rec., rate

 Nominal impedance
 up to 252xE1 ports (63xE1 per slot)

 G.703 point 6., 2.048 kb/s

 asymmetrical 75 Ohm, symmetrical 150 Ohm
 Number of interfaces
 ITU-T Rec., rate
 3xE3 ports (per blade)
 G.703 point 8., 34,386 kb/s
 Number of interfaces 

 Types of Ethernet 10/100 interfaces

 Types of Ethernet 1000 interfaces
 8xEthernet 10/100,
 2xEthernet 1000

 10 Base-T/100 Base-T (RJ45)

 1000 Base-SX/LX/CX SFP module (optional electrical RJ45 SFP)
 Capacity crossconnect


 Ethernet over SDH (EoS)

 Ethernet aggregation


 incoming - 112хSTM-1 (17, 5Gb/s HO);
 outgoing - 23xSTM-1 (3.7 Gb/s LO);

 VC-12, VC-3, VC-4, VC-4-Xc (X=1...16)

 ITU-T G.7041, GFP (Generic Framing Procedure);
 optional GFP-T for Gigabit Ethernet;
 ITU-T G.707/Y.1322 in G.783, VCAT (Virtual Concatenation);
 ITU-T G.7042/Y.1305 LCAS (Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme);
 up to 32 VCG (Virtual Concatenated Groups)
 VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q); 
 classifying function based on port ID, VLAN tag or priority bits in MPLS; 
 policing function based on MEF5 technical specifications;
 up to 256 service queues 


 standard: ITU-T G.813;
 sources: T1, T2, T3, E1 (framed/unframed);
 outputs: T4, E1 (framed/unframed)


 SNMP, CLI, Telnet

 10/100 Base-T, RS-232, USB

 fault, performances, configuration, access management
 Operation climatic


 EMC compatibility
 -5°С...+45°С/8...95% ETSI EN 300 019 class 3.1Е

 ETSI EN 300 019 class 1.1/class 2.3 

 ETSI 301 489-4 
 Power Supply
 Power consumption
 redundant -38 V to -72 V (optional AC 230 V) 
 <60 W/blade
 Dimensions (H х W х D)
 88x448x430 mm - 2 slots, 176x448x430 mm - 4 slots
 <12 kg - 2U,                    <18 kg - 4U